Potato Vodka
2015 Irish Vodka Gold Medal
2018 IWSC Silver Medal
2021 LSC Bronze Medal

Potato Vodka

• 2021 Bronze Medal Winner at LSC (The London Spirits Competition)
• 2018 Silver Medal Winner at IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition)
• 2015 Gold Medal for “Irish Vodka” at the Irish Whiskey Awards 

100% Potato Vodka.

St. Patrick’s Vodka is produced from Lady Claire and Rosetta potatoes, the same varieties preferred by crisp and snack makers. This makes a full strength spirit, straight and crystal clear, with an aroma and taste profile that is unique to its potato origin. Smooth enough to drink neat over ice.

Tasting notes:
Sweet yet slightly earthy aroma, a gentle tingle on the tongue, smooth and creamy on the palate with a clean, lip smacking finish.

Serving suggestions:
Neat over ice is our preference. The natural sweetness of potato combines with most fruit and vegetable juices to make a refreshing long drink. Perfect in a cocktail or with a dash of dry vermouth to create a delicious Vodka martini.

700ml / 40% alc.

€ 24.95


Distilled from Malted Barley and Potato. This is a small batch, limited edition produced to a traditional recipe from the foothills of Croagh Patrick in Co. Mayo.
This is a clean, clear spirit that is light, smooth yet robust, retaining the earthy flavours and aromas from the Malted Barley and Potato.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Plum Pudding, sweet mountain heather.
Palate: Malted barley followed by creamy mashed potato.
Finish: Warming, slightly earthy.
Overall: Balanced, easy to drink, neat.

500ml / 45.75% alc.

€ 24.95


2022_GOLD_MEDAL_Irish Whiskey Liqueur GOLD MEDAL

Orange Whiskey Liqueur

• 2022 Gold Medal at the Irish Whiskey Awards

Triple distilled Irish Whiskey with natural Orange flavours. 
Subtly sweet and perfectly balanced. Enjoy over ice with your favourite mixer or as a perfect base for Old Fashioned and other cocktails. 

700ml / 30% alc.

Sugar Beet Vodka

Sugar Beet Vodka

Special edition – available in USA only. 

100% Sugar Beet Vodka.

Distilled from Non-GMO Sugar Beet, our vodka is totally grain and gluten free.

This is a crisp and smooth sipping vodka, with just a hint of sweetness from the sugar beet.

750ml / 40% alc.

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