Elderflower Gin 40%

Summer Time:  St. Patrick’s Elderflower Gin, orange slice & quality tonic water

Original Sin: St. Patrick’s Elderflower Gin, apple juice & orange slice

Greyhound: St. Patrick’s Elderflower Gin, sparkling water, garnish with a mint leaf & lime wedge

Sloe & Honey Gin 40%

Sloe Heaven: St. Patrick’s Sloe & Honey Gin, ½ Squeezed lime and Ginger ale

The Quick Sloe:  St. Patrick’s Sloe & Honey Gin, ½ squeezed lime & grapefruit juice.

SloeGasm: St. Patrick’s Sloe & Honey Gin, 35.5 ml sugar syrup, topped with dry Prosecco.

Extra Dry Gin 40%

Martini Beag: St. Patrick’s Extra Dry Gin, half a squeezed lemon & lemon garnish.

Gin Mule: St. Patrick’s Extra Dry Gin, ½ squeezed lime juice & ginger beer.

Mojito Mór: St. Patrick’s Extra Dry Gin, Muddled mint leaves, sugar syrup & sparkling water.

Gin Tirim, St. Patrick’s Extra Dry Gin, ½ squeezed lime, soda water & lime garnish.

Classic Gin 40%

Cucumber Cooler: St. Patrick’s Classic Gin, 4 thin cucumber slices, tonic water & perched Round Cucumber garnish.  

Sparkling Strawberry: St. Patrick’s Classic Gin, sliced full strawberry stacked on a cocktail stick & topped with Sparkling Róse.

Pink LadySt. Patrick’s Classic Gin, Cranberry juice & lime garnish.

Classic Collins: St. Patrick’s Classic Gin, ½ squeezed lemon, soda water & lemon slice garnish.

Vodka 40%

Wild Atlantic Breeze: St. Patrick’s Vodka, Cranberry juice & a squeeze of fresh Lime

Oak Aged Whiskey 40%

Madra Rua: St. Patrick’s Irish Whiskey, Ginger Ale & lime garnish.

Old Fashioned: St. Patrick’s Irish Whiskey, Angostura Bitters & Sugar syrup.

Whiskey Mule: St. Patrick’s Irish Whiskey, fresh lime juice & Ginger Beer.

Original Sin

St. Patrick’s Elderflower Gin, apple juice

Madra Rua

St. Patrick’s Oak Aged Irish Whiskey, Ginger Ale , lime garnish

Whiskey Soda

St. Patrick’s Oak Aged Irish Whiskey, quality soda water

Holy Smoke

St. Patrick’s Oak Aged Irish Whiskey served in a smoke filled tumbler